Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life's unexpected way

Our friends came to stay with us for a few days in Cape Town while they attended various appointments. On the second day, the husband's leg broke, quite inexplicably.  After an operation to mend it, a diagnosis of secondary bone cancer was made and then, when the  primary site was identified, the status  was escalated to terminal stage. Within three weeks of their arrival here, he died this morning. Such a shock for everyone, but by the end, it was only a kindness to himself to let go.

He was a diver in his working life and recruited, 
trained and mentored others on the same path. 

He had the soul of a writer and poet.

How unexpected life can be.

A Salute

The last dive is begun,
Further, even further,
To the brightest Sun.
Waves lap and caress,
While quietly we sleep,
Nicolaas, our own,
Brave knight of the deep.

At last!
To reach that other shore,
To see that dear Light,
To suffer no more.
Winds stir and draw veils,
While softly we weep,
For our loss, our own,
Sweet knight of the deep.

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