Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Arty Aspirations

We drove up to the plot on Sunday and spent the rest of the day sheltering inside the building from the burning heat. Monday and Tuesday were spent draining off some of the contents of the rain-water tanks in preparation for winter rains. It is rather a tedious process and I dragged a little stool and book, sitting alongside each tree for the duration of the watering. I read three pages per tree while the water chugged around its roots = 20 litres per tree. Roy took a photo and I was so taken with it that I have spent some time this evening with one of my favourite, free software downloads, Photoscape. 

Here are some of the possible effects (but by no means the entire scope of the program) So much fun!




 Oil painting


  1. Like the unedited one best. We drove through Suurbrak this weekend on our way to George. I am in LOVE - just have to find a place there - it is so beautiful.

  2. Next time you will have to visit our area. Its sandwiched between Suurbraak (8km) and the N2 (3km). Suurbraak itself is a very picturesque village and actually gets more rain than us, being right up against the mountains.