Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coastal Morning Stroll

On the two days of every week when I go to work, I drop off Mad Dog and Roy on the way, in order for them to walk about 4 km back home along the Strandloper trail. 

Spot the Seal?

One morning last week, he heard high-pitched little shrieks from the direction of some grasses.  He investigated only to discover that the screeches were ones of passionate tortoisial effort! (tortoisial = adjective derived from noun: tortoise)

Further along, some adult African Black Oyster Catchers started dive-bombing him. Mad Dog had gone on ahead (fortunately). Roy noticed a movement between the rocks and spied this baby bird. 

Two adults stayed with the baby while another two adults shadowed Roy and Mad Dog for over two kilometers along the coast. A very effective Neighbourhood Watch!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Black Pearls of Pain

We went up to the plot last week to give our plants some extra water, over and above that which our neighbour gives them. It was fortuitous that we did because it was the first time ever that we have arrived there to find our little rain meter totally empty. Local residents confirmed that there had not been a drop of rain since we were there at the beginning of the month and the summer days have been scorchers. Looking towards February, the heat will increase in intensity. On Wednesday morning, before we returned to Cape Town, there was some merciful soft rain, which probably did not amount to more than 2 or 3 mm but, nevertheless, a very welcome top-up to what we had already doled out.

I brought home a few of my Ornamental Black Pearl Pepper fruit from the plot to harvest the seeds. Today I cut them open, collected the seeds, then chopped up the fruit into little pieces, put in a bottle and then filled to the brim with olive oil. The fruit is just too hot to put directly into food but perhaps the peppered oil will make it easy to control the heat. Hours later, my finger tips are burning like hell!!! Next time, I will engage my brain and wear gloves!