Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coastal Morning Stroll

On the two days of every week when I go to work, I drop off Mad Dog and Roy on the way, in order for them to walk about 4 km back home along the Strandloper trail. 

Spot the Seal?

One morning last week, he heard high-pitched little shrieks from the direction of some grasses.  He investigated only to discover that the screeches were ones of passionate tortoisial effort! (tortoisial = adjective derived from noun: tortoise)

Further along, some adult African Black Oyster Catchers started dive-bombing him. Mad Dog had gone on ahead (fortunately). Roy noticed a movement between the rocks and spied this baby bird. 

Two adults stayed with the baby while another two adults shadowed Roy and Mad Dog for over two kilometers along the coast. A very effective Neighbourhood Watch!


  1. LOL We've witnessed "tortoisial effort" on the farm too :) Much smaller tortoises though - guess they're never too young to start...

  2. It is certainly interesting on most days. It begins at Witsands, near the old Kommetjie Crayfish factory and stretches about 3km to Misty Cliffs. Beyond that, one has to walk along the tarred road.