Saturday, April 19, 2014

Autumn Action

As Autumn creeps up on us, we savour any day which recalls the warmth of summer before the handover to chilly winter.

I love experimenting with growing plants from cuttings during this cooler period. They don't dry out so quickly.

Colours are always so much more intense. 

We stayed up at the plot for almost the entire first week of April. We first overnighted in Pringle Bay and visited friends as we did last year in September. 

The next morning, it was cold and rain clouds were about.

At the plot, we spent time attending to small chores. Attending to one chore left over from his last building session, Roy now covered the painted board of the platform above the door with malthoid, sealed the joins with membrane cloth and then painted with roof sealant paint. This should ensure protection and waterproofing of the structure. 

I am still not able to get up onto the deck as there are no steps yet on the stairway and I have a fear of climbing a ladder.

We visited friends nearby who have hand-reared an abandoned Barn owlet into a beautiful specimen. He flies in every evening for his dinner. 
What a hoot! 

The Cape honeysuckle on the fence is starting to spread nicely.

We added a shade-cloth cover above the top windows for protection against NEXT summer's sun. It is supposed to be a temporary measure until we install something sturdier. 

We will probably leave it there until it perishes!

A different perspective of the plot, without the usual mountain backdrop.

On our return to Cape Town we were delighted to spend a day with our dear friends who emigrated to Australia about 14 years ago.  We took them to the Spice Route Farm in Paarl and then on to the Hillcrest Berry Orchard Farms. 

It is so difficult to be the ones left behind when most of your family and friends move far away. Please come back soon!

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