Saturday, May 25, 2013

Earthscapes 2

The earthscaping project continues unabated. Mondays and Fridays are being reserved by Roy and Siya for this mammoth task. They are both of very slight build and so this heavy job needs the days in between to rest up. Siya does not have any other work so perhaps that is why he returns faithfully to help with this huge task. I think most gardeners would run a mile away from this one.

Progress in photos .....use the white protea flowers as the marker for your bearings.

Notice atop,  the pile of collected mulch just waiting to be used.

On the right hand side of this photo below, some indigenous trees are growing "in front" of the curvature of the path of the planned wall. We don't want to pull them out after all these years so we are going to keep them as a mature growth to disguise the block-wall.

Here the wall curves behind the little coppice of mature growth.

We are running out of these blocks to finish the task so, reluctantly, will rebuild one of the "steps" with a different type of block, which a neighbour threw out and donated to our project. Hopefully this will release enough of these  semi-circular blocks to complete the main wall. Fingers crossed. These  square blocks are even less attractive and I hope that I will be able to disguise them by planting shrubs in front of them. What with the awful finish of our neighbours wall, there is much disguising to be done.


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