Sunday, September 9, 2012


I decided to experiment with a recently acquired Ostrich egg. Husband was called in to drill three little holes at the one end of the egg (I didnt want to break the egg). Three holes were gently persuaded to join each other to form one. A skewer was used to pierce and break up the yolk through the now single hole.


I shook the egg over a mixing bowl to force the inside to pass through the hole. Then beat it up with my faithful Kenwood whisk. Added in a bowl of cooked plain white porridge (Taystee Wheat) just to help it stiffen up in cooking. Seasoned with various herbs and spices, salt and pepper and then poured over an oiled casserole dish filled with sliced onion, baby marrow, broccoli bits and feta cheese.

I placed it in an oven of 180 degrees C for about an hour, placing the open casserole dish on top of a roasting pan to prevent the egg from catching at the bottom of the dish. 

We were blown away with the lovely rich yellow colour and taste. This could have provided eight complete meals or sixteen portions to accompany something else. 
From one egg!!

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