Saturday, August 4, 2012


During rough winter seas, many creatures get washed up on our shores, often to lie in wait for their inevitable, hopeless end. Mad dog and Englishman made a super find this last week on their morning seashore walk.

They thought this squiddy creature was dead and circled it with cellphone camera, awestruck at its amazing size.  Roy decided that I would not believe him (he does have a tendency to exaggerate incrementally with each telling of a story)  and placed a key on the squid to show its true size. That's when he realised that the creature was still alive because it tucked its head inwards at the key's touch.

Boy Scout-mode kicked in and he carried it over to a rock-pool where he thought it could rest until high-tide came in and would take it out to sea. It moved its tentacles pathetically about and kept knocking against the rocks as it tried to swim away. He gently lifted it out and walked across the beach to the sea where he let it go in the waves. Once it felt the movement of the open sea, it shot away, joyous in freedom.

Some builders working nearby saw his portage across the sand and were sorely annoyed that Roy would not hand it over to them for their breakfast!


  1. What a lovely start to the day!

  2. It surely was.

    We thought perhaps this creature was a Cuttlefish but somebody has suggested that it is a Diamond Squid.