Wednesday, April 11, 2012


After driving away from our plot, about 15 km further along the road, we suffered a puncture, brought on by the shocking condition of the 3 km gravel road from our gate to the N2. The tyre was completely ruined.

After changing over to the spare, we drove into heavy rain from Riversdale onwards. We heard on the radio how the Two Oceans Marathon was run in major downpours in Cape Town that morning and so we knew that we were headed straight back to winter weather.

We made a detour to Pringle Bay to visit some friends who have retired there. They had considered buying something near to our plot but eventually settled on living closer to Cape Town. Most of their garden is taken up with the house and a huge garage and workshop. However, they never have to buy spinach or lettuces.

I just love OPIs : Other People's Ideas. 
Here are two of their projects, unless you count Tyson as a third!

The Tyson Project


  1. Yes, he is an impressive specimen and such an enthusiastic chap. This photo does not do justice to his size!