Sunday, March 25, 2012

Small Treasures

Another adventure this week along the coastal stroll was the discovery of a turtle stranded on the rocks after the high tide had receded.  I am sure the poor thing was quite happy to stay there until the next high tide but the adventurers thought otherwise and moved it to the edge of the sea from whence it swam off rapidly into the ocean. I subsequently read this article and now, if the scenario is ever repeated, Roy is under orders not to put it back in the water but to bring it home and to contact the Oceanarium in Cape Town.

Hopefully it reached another warm spot in a safer place. We do have  various birds of prey like the Crows, Ravens and Bateleur Eagles which cruise the shoreline every morning. (I can still recall the awful sound and sight of a tortoise being dropped by a crow from a dizzy height onto the tarmac below.)

While the cell phone was at hand for taking photos, some plants were lucky enough to be snapped too.

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